Kids make you think!

Well I am sitting in my new clinic in Orange, MA with a few minutes due to a last minute cancellation and I got to thinking about a brief conversation I had with my oldest son Nick (8.5 yrs) last night. As he was going to bed he asked me why I have to get up sooo early and leave for work (I leave the house between 4:50-5 am for a 7 am pt) and I answered automatically without much thought- “Because people need my help” I must have had that thought bouncing around my head all night because today a pt said to me- “I see why you became a Physical Therapist and opened your own place- it shows in your interaction and smile” and another pt thanked me today for opening and being there for him.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the doing and the daily grind that it’s nice to be occasionally reminded of where we come from. Before opening Orange I had been mostly admin for a few years, treating as needed to help out but it is nice brushing the dust off, shaking off the rust and using my hands to help people.

Though I may not like the leaving my house before the rooster metaphorically is up- I am enjoying helping people in a more “hands on” way.

Thank you Nick for helping me see it’s not all numbers, making payroll, paying bills, paying down debt, sleeplessness- I am doing this for a very good reason. To help people! What could be better than that. He still wants to be a chef, or builder of houses, or a professional tree house builder but that is fine with me.

-Ed Ramsey, PT, DPT, Owner

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