Patient Results / Success Stories

  • W.C.

  • After injuring my back I had real problems walking, playing with my kids or even taking a shower. After coming to Ramsey Rehab and working with their fantastic staff, I am now jogging with my dog, raking the yard and giving my kids piggy back rides around the yard. I found the staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and all around great to work with. I am glad I chose Ramsey.

    Jim V.

  • I could hardly get out of bed and dress myself. Now I feel 95% better. The rehab plan that was worked out for me to follow worked very well. I would recommend Ramsey Rehab to anyone that has lower back pain.

    C. Bailey

  • I had shoulder surgery 8 years ago to repair a bicep tendon detach. I have struggled ever since with pain and movement. I started at Ramsey back in May. The exercises that were given were given greatly improved my pain and movement. After 10 years, the pain is minimal and the range of motion is as good as the other shoulder. Thank you Ramsey for helping me get back to where I was.

    Rebecca L.

  • Despite joining a gym in the fall, my back was on its third time “going out” where I could not stand straight and walked like a 90 year old lady. I began therapy, then an exercise program here at Ramsey Rehab for the last month. I now feel like I have a program for success and can continue to build strength and no fear of reoccurrence.

    Becky L.

  • Before coming to Ramsey I had this awful pain in my lower back. I couldn’t walk, sit or stand for long periods of time without being in extreme pain. Since coming to Ramsey my pain has gotten much better. It’s to the point where I rarely have any pain at all. I’m very satisfied with the help I have received from Ramsey!


  • I came in with a full knee replacement, neuropathy, and healing issues in my left leg. I couldn’t lift that leg higher than 4 inches. I now can walk, cross my leg and lift my leg. Thanks to Laura and Gina, my neuropathy had also improved. Ramsey Rehab has a great staff  and they made a hard situation easier to deal with.

    Denise G.

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