Golf fitness Training & Rehab

Golf Specific Training and Rehab at Ramsey!

All golf programs offered at Ramsey Rehab, Inc. are run by John St. Jean, a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor!

At Ramsey we do the following:

  1. Golf Fitness Evaluations
    These generally include:

    • A personalized head to toe assessment of your muscles and joints to identify areas of dysfunction that will affect the golf swing and your performance.
    • A specific strength and flexibility program to target your areas of need.
    • A video analysis of your golf swing to aid in the understanding of what needs to be addressed.
    • Consultation with a teaching professional can be arranged or if you already work with someone on a regular basis you can invite them to come along.
  2. Offseason Group Fitness Classes
    • Get ready for the upcoming golf season by improving your overall strength and flexibility in a fun and relaxing setting.
    • 4 individual classes spread throughout February and March will gradually get you ready to go in April to enjoy a healthier golf season.
    • Space is limited so check the website/Facebook for updates and registration information.
  3. Golf Clinics
    • Throughout the golf season these clinics offer you a chance to get feedback from a professional and a teaching professional at the same time.
    • Clinics are available at your home course and can be set up by appointment. If you or your local Pro are interested in hosting a clinic for the members or would like more information please contact

Click here for our Pre Round Golf Stretching program.

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