Sports Enhancement

Train the Ramsey Way
Functional Sport Specific Training to Improve Individual Athletic Participation. Let us show you how to excel, win and avoid injury.

Improved Athleticism
This program is a comprehensive training approach with a focus on enhancing the athleticism of an individual by increasing the capacity to generate power, agility and speed.Professionals Only
Efficiently dealing with athletes of any level – from grade school to professional, it is important to be able to know exactly what the athlete’s total needs are. Here at Ramsey, there are no “personal trainers”. A staff licensed in Physical Therapy can give the athlete a personalized training regime. Don’t just settle – train with the best.

Total Athletic Package
Educating the athlete in strength, speed and agility is our specialty. Allow us to assess you and give you the tools for the “total athletic package”: to excel, win and to avoid injury.


1. Sports Evaluation ($90.00/visit)
This is a full body assessment involving a flexibility screen, strengthening screen, balance assessment and functional and sports specific testing. The evaluation will last for 1 hour.

2. Sports Evaluations after completing a PT Program ($65.00/visit)
A partial evaluation occurs addressing the areas that were not addressed during the athlete’s Physical Therapy visits.

3. Sports Visits Follow Ups ($75.00/visit)
These are 1-hour visits where sports specific training occurs as a result of the evaluation. Program activities may include:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength Training (especially the core with the use of the exercise ball)
  • Balance Training
  • Plyometric Training (jump training to improve vertical jump)
  • Olympic Lifting Training
  • Work Out Routine Set-ups

4a. Periodization Programs for a Non Physical Therapy Patient ($165.00)
This includes:

  • Complete evaluation.
  • Year round training Program Handout with copies of the exercises.
  • One follow up visit to review components of the training program.

4b. Periodization Programs for a Physical Therapy Patient ($90.00)
This includes:

  • Partial Evaluation (we assess what was not assessed during the PT treatments).
  • Year round training Program Handout with copies of the exercises.
  • One follow up visit to review components of the training program.

5. Video Analysis ($75.00)
Video of any sports specific activity downloaded into our specialized Sports Motion Computer Analysis System. This allows us to take the activity and assess it frame by frame to pick up on any abnormal biomechanics or movement patterns. You have to see it to believe it.

Call To Learn More About Our “Free” Interactive Coaches Clinics

  • Baseball and Softball Throwing Clinics
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Plyometric Programs
  • Olympic Style Lifting
  • High Level Balance / Agility Drills
  • Running Clinics

The Staff of Ramsey Rehab will come to you to teach you and or your athletes about the importance of proper strength training, proper posture and flexibility and activities to improve themselves as athletes.

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