Ramsey Rehab Difference

Manual therapy and exercise based– that means we actually put our trained and experience hands on you and use techniques to assist your body in healing and then use exercise to reinforce the gains

ResultsRamsey Rehab has been known for over 19 years to be the place that gets results.  As far as PT style goes we tend to be focused on your goals and getting you back to your pre-injury status or better.  Most patients have 9-10 visits.  Visualize how you feel today and then imagine feeling remarkably better in such a short time.

Highly educated and trained staff– Each PT and PTA at Ramsey Rehab is given $2000 per year to continue their professional development in live training sessions and provided access to on-line courses in addition to mentoring.

One on One care with PT’s and PTA’s– at Ramsey Rehab you are not the next person to be seen but a person with specific goals and deficits that are addressed 1:1.  All care is provided by a PT or PTA.

Superior Results without the Wait!– Is not only our motto but our pledge.  Most new patients are offered an appointment within 1-2 days and care is started immediately.  We also start, well I can’t say all, but our internal survey shows, 98% of all appointments are started on time or within 4 min of the scheduled time.

Highly Convenient– We have the small, personalized feel in a larger company format.  Now with 5 locations to provide a location more convenient for you.  All locations are open early mornings and evenings and some Saturdays in Leominster.

What other people are saying about us-As of our most recent 9 month survey- 56% of our patients are now referred to us by a former patient or friend.  That number grows monthly.  Word of Mouth is one of the highest forms of compliment and we take that seriously.

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