Indoor Rock Climbing


At our new location at 39 Cinema Boulevard, Ramsey Rehab now has an Indoor Rock Climbing Wall for our patients, staff and for future planning with the community. Many of you may be saying, “Why a rock climbing wall?” We have all tried it and found that it was a great total body workout and would have many benefits to our clients. Here are some points about our rock climbing wall that we thought you might like to know about.

Michelle Sciabarassi, PTA is one of our staff Physical Therapist Assistants and is the lead Rock Climbing Wall Trainer.


For those of you who have done indoor rock climbing before, we will have 4 routes.

  • 1 easy
  • 2 medium
  • 1 hard


For those of you who have not done indoor rock climbing before, it is very safe.

All of our cimbing equipment goes through a safety inspection daily.


All staff involved with the Rock Wall are completely trained in safety with indoor rock climbing and need to pass specific training tests prior to their use of the wall.

Climbing requires 2 people: The belayer (The person who is controlling the amount of rope/tension that the climber needs to climb up the wall) is at the bottom and the climber climbs up the Rock Wall. All climbers are strapped into a safety harness and are assisted by one of our staff on the floor who helps control tension of the rope and assists the climber with any issues the climber may have.


Many of our clients will participate in “Bouldering”. This is where one traverses the wall side to side instead of up and down. climb no higher then shoulder height and have a 6″ crash pad underneath them. This is just as safe as rock climbing, yet requires more work.

Rock climbing is a great way to cross train for other sports (i.e., cyclists, hikers, swimmers).

Rock climbing will improve balance, strength, coordination, core strength, and endurance. Its function for Physical Therapy will be to increase balance, dexterity and upper and lower body strength.


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